Here's a few examples of things I've done and recorded over the years. Enjoy!

Two trumpets, horn, two trombones, tuba and drums in Västerås, Sweden, what can go wrong? This was years before Mnozil Brass. Click the picture to check it out!

Here's the next one, brass music at it's most weird and finest. Click picture to listen. 

I joined Peoria Jazz Band (located in Göteborg, Sweden, not Peoria, Illinois!) straight out of school. I learned a lot and had way too much fun. Unfortunately I had to leave the band when I moved, but they're still going strong!

My first attempt at making a video, I was sitting with my son Jakob in the kitchen and he showed me iMovie on his laptop. And yes, you can buy the music  here on the website!

Yes, it's actually Roger Kaza on the picture. And you have to wait all the way to the end to hear YMCA performed by four Wagner-tubas. 

For some reason my good friend and monster trombonist Yankar Gonzales thought it was a good idea to interview me. Not sure he realized what he was in for. 

Somehow I keep finding all these lost orchestral excerpts. Here's Mahler 3 they way Gustav really meant it to be...

Why all the Wagner? *Cause we played the Ring cycle with HGO, and I kept finding new never played Wagner excerpts. 

Here you can find out a little about how we recorded my Slide Side album. Noe Marmalejo from University of Houston is asking all the right questions.


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